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Salacia; the Djinn of Compassion and Justice

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Dungeon Capturer


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Metal Vessel

Raging Waves (Ring on index finger)

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Salacia is a Djinn owned by Azrael. Salacia is the Djinn of Prosperity and Justice.


Salacia is a Djinn with the blue skin and long blackish-blue hair. She has jewelry and a sash around her waist and a scarf around her neck.


Djinn AbilitiesEdit

Azrael is Salacia's dungeon capturerer. As a Djinn, she can alter his size and rule his Dungeon. After she was conquered her Water Magic is being used by Azrael. Salacia's Metal Vessel is a ring on Azrael's index finger.

  • Water Magic: Salacia has the ability to use water Magic, which when she is conquered is also bestowed upon her dungeon capturerer.

Metal VesselEdit

Djinn Weapon Equip: Salacia's Djinn Weapon Equip is a black spear with the Metal Vessel symbol on it. Azrael calls it the "Raging Waves". Azrael's ring becomes a large spear. As Azrael's Djinn Weapon Equip progresses, cut marks appear on his arms. Azrael and Salacia call it Raging Waves. It has the ability to produce and to manipulate water. In both forms, the spear is completely immune to any type of water. If it is attacked by it, it will completely absorb it and strengthen itself.

  • Albahr Alllah Arros (Sea God Spears): Azrael spins Salacia's spear around multiple times and creates arrows out of water to shoot at the enemy.

Djinn EquipEdit

"Spirit of Compassion and Justice, In the name of my Magoi, and my will to grant me a greater power, I order you and your members, Come Forth, Salacia!!" - Azrael summons the power of Salacia

Djinn Equip Salacia

Djinn Equip Form: In this form, Azrael takes the form of a dragon. He wears a helmet the shape of a dragon's head that obscures most of his face and sharp spikes extend out of his armor on his shoulders, elbows and calves, to give it an even more draconian look.

  • God of the Sea: When using this Extreme Magic the metal vessel symbol appears behind Azrael. While he is reciting, a large amount of water gathers toward the symbol until enough water to sink a country is formed. When it is unleashed, a giant tidal wave is formed.