Magic is the transformation of Magoi into other substances.

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Magic is used all throughout the world, and whenever it is used, an 8 Pointed Star appears. Rukh causes all of the world's natural occurrences, by using the energy it produces. It causes storms, fires, lightning and etc. Magic can do various things by giving ceremonial orders to the Rukh at will. One can cause anything if they give the right orders to the Rukh, that's the invisible truth that organizes our world. As it expels or combines it causes several phenomena. By using this energy and ceremonial commands certain people can use Rukh in order to reproduce these natural occurrences, they are called Magicians. The strength you have in using Magic is decided by the quantity of Magoi you are able to extract from the Rukh. Even though Metal Vessels, Household Vessels, and Magic Tools users can use their own special Magic, their powers are not as diverse as Magicians but are amplified. In the Magnostadt Academy, Rukh is classified into 8 different types: ones that manipulate flames, water, light, wind, lightning, sound, power and life. According to Magnostadt Academy's Chancellor, Matal Mogamett, the principles of Magic have been unveiled and the orders of formula system has been created in this century.

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According to Rukh TraitEdit

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    The 8-Pointed Star of Magic Types

    Heat Magic
  2. Life Magic
  3. Light Magic
  4. Lightning Magic
  5. Sound Magic
  6. Strength Magic
  7. Water Magic
  8. Wind Magic

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