Kaizer (Kaizā カイザー) is a former Traveling Merchant alongside his best friend, Azure who both retired from the profession. He was born in the Kou Empire, but his family managed to get to Sindria.

Appearance Edit

Kaizer is a attractive man with a slim build, red hair and greyish brown eyes. He is usally seen wearing his favorite cloak, a black and red cloak with red cloud-like designing on parts of the cloak.

Personality Edit

Kaizer is a laid-back person and unlike his best friend, doesn't get into many arguments and doesn't worry about anything, he is usally found sleeping, or not having a single care in the world.

Despite this, Kaizer gets excited when he gets to participate in a competition, showing he is competitive. He likes fighting with enemies so he can have a real challenge and improve his fighting skills to protect his friends.

History Edit

Kaizer was born in the Kou Empire, until his family and him moved him to Sindria only a few weeks after his birth. At the age of five, he met his best friend, Azure, and they spent most of there time together.

There was an accident and his father was sadly killed, determining him to get stronger so he can protect his mother.

When he was 15, him and Azure became Traveling Merchant's who sold things before they stumbled across a dungeon, and he helped Azure conquer the dungeon and get the power of his Djinn, Zerana. After conquering Zerana, he returned to Sindria to help Azure in his training, and then Azure's father appeared, Azul who he and Azure took on in a battle, but failed.

After retiring as a Traveling Merchant, he and Kaizer went to the explore the world outside of Sindria so they could find more dungeons and conquer them.

Abilities Edit

Physical Prowess/Abilities Edit

Kaizer is well gifted in physical combatant, and surpassed Azure due to his constant determination and hard training.

Advanced Speed Edit

Kaizer is also gifted with the ability to move very fast, and while Azure is not Fully Djinn-Equipped, is faster then him, in his battles, this is shown to be a advantage he has over certain enemies.

Magoi Manipulation Edit

Kaizer can manipulate his Magoi, he is capable of using Magoi Manipulation to imbue his blade in Magoi and make his attacks more effective.

Household Vessel Edit

During his fight alongside Azure against Azul, he unleashed his Household Vessel, Zyrana, Qabdat Alrrih, where his ring produces winds that cover his fist, and strengthens the force of his punch, Additionally, when he punches it sends his enemy back with the force of the wind, strong enough to send them straight through a tree.

Battles/Events Edit

Kaiser vs Azure - Loss Kaiser & Azure vs Azul - Loss