Djinn (ジン, Jin) are artificial lifeforms created from humans and Rukh that retain the memories and personalities of those humans.

Solomon's DjinnEdit

They were all originally human/monster members of King Solomon's Household and later became Djinn to better fight against the Medium. They rule over Dungeons and are able to change the level of their Dungeon's difficulty. They sleep deep inside their Dungeon, until a Dungeon Capturer proves themselves worthy by finding their treasure room. A Djinn should not materialize on Earth, but they will make an exception if summoned by a Magi. The Djinn, in the end, is a pure power that a King uses, and King Solomon created them for that reason. There is a bad affinity between Djinn and Magicians , that in a certain sense Djinn are Magic users too and if a Magician uses a Djinn, their Magics could interfere with each other. For that reason, a Magician cannot be a King Vessel or a Household Member.

List of Solomon's DjinnEdit

Djinn Rank Affinity Capturer
Ugo Heat
Baal 1st Djinn Lightning
Agares 2nd Djinn Strength
Vassago 3rd Djinn
Gamigin 4th Djinn Heat Zenith Daralusian
Atum 5th Djinn Life and Creation Hamon
Valefor 6th Djinn Ice
Amon 7th Djinn Heat
Barbatos 8th Djinn Strength
Paimon 9th Djinn Wind
Buer 10th Djinn
Gusion 11th Djinn Strength(Earthquakes)
Helado ??? Djinn Ice Aziz
Beleth 13th Djinn Strength(Gravity) Renke Daralusian
Leraje 14th Djinn Strength
Eligos 15th Djinn Light Percival
Zepar 16th Djinn Sound
Purson 20th Djinn
Ipos 22nd Djinn Earth(Sand) Renke Daralusian
Aim 23rd Djinn Heat Renke Daralusian
Cerberus 24th Djinn
Astaroth 29th Djinn Heat
Forneus 30th Djinn
Furfur 34th Djinn
Stolas 36th Djinn Life(Posion) Silver
Phenex 37th Djinn Life
Focalor 41st Djinn Wind
Vepar 42nd Djinn
Shax 44th Djinn Selenica Reishi
Vinea 45th Djinn Water
Crocell 49th Djinn
Alloces 52nd Djinn
Zagan 61st Djinn Life
Dantalion 71st Djinn
Zerana 72nd Djinn Wind


Loqion 73rd Djinn Heat Azure

Dark DjinnEdit

Some people have discovered a way to use the Dark Rukh to create their own Djinn transformation technique. By stabbing oneself with a Dark Metal Vessel, they can summon the Dark Rukh and transform; this, however, can only be done by sacrificing one's life. Dark Djinn are able to heal forever as long as there is a supply of Dark Rukh. Another method is by using a "furnace" that runs on Black Rukh and is powered by untold amounts of white rukh, this allows the sacrifice to create endless amounts of Dark Djinn that when a djinn is destroyed the rukh making it is returned to the furnace to create an even stronger djinn.