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Berith; the Djinn of Pride and Loyalty

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 Berith is a Djinn owned by Aziz. He is the Djinn of Pride and Loyalty.


Berith is a Djinn, so his skin is colored the trademark light blue. His hair is black and slicked back, and when let down it is around ear length. He has a large scar that goes from his forehead to his ear, and is just above his eye. He wears gold and silver armor. The armor has a fur neck, to keeps his neck warm. On his shoulder pads, he has and unknown symbol. These symbols most likely have something to do with his past. On his chest where his heart would be it has the words "ABSOLUTE ZERO". This is a reference to his magic, which is ice magic.


Berith is laid back. He is like Helado because he likes to make jokes about Aziz, often saying things like "oh didn't see you there because of how short you are". He doesn't care about hot weather like Aziz and Helado do, often saying "I'm a Djinn, it shouldn't bother me". He seems to get along with Helado well, and they are similar in many ways. He is also very prideful and loyal, like his Djinn title says.


Before being a Djinn, Berith was a royal guard in an unknown kingdom, the same kingdom that Helado was the king of. Him and Helado were very close friends, doing many things together, and were often thought to be brothers.

Berith, like all the other Djinns, was created by King Solomon with Rukh. It is unknown how long he spent in his dungeon, but it is known that he was captured over the 2 year period of Aziz's Djinn Equip training.



Ice Generation: Like Helado, Berith can generate ice at will. Normally he creates something simple like a sword to fight with because he isn't as good as Helado with this ability.

Dungeon CapturerEdit

Berith's Dungeon Capturer is Aziz.

Metal VesselEdit

Berith's Metal Vessel is Aziz's sword Eis's sheath. It is as long as Eis, and is dark blue with gold highlights.

Djinn EquipEdit


Berith's Djinn Equip

Aziz is skilled at using Berith's Djinn Equip, but as skilled as he is with Helado's. This is most likely due to the different length in ownership. When Aziz uses Berith's Djinn Equip Eis's sheath turns into ice and forms into an exact replica of Eis. He also gains a blue-ish purple scarf around his neck and a headband around his head with the same bluish-purple color. His clothes change too, his shirt becoming more like a chest plate, and has a strange symbol on it. His pants also become baggier and he gains a belt like object around his waist. This belt like object goes into sort of a cape at the back and a loincloth at the front.