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Personal Status


 Atum is one of the current Djinn of Hamon. He is the Djinn of Chaos and Mischief.


Atum takes the appearance of a giant demon-like creature. He is mainly blue, like all Djinn, with bright aquamarine markings on his chest, and head. He has a set of horns, with a large orb in the middle of his forehead. Behind the horns, is a crown-like head piece. He has a really bulky build, with spikes all over his shoulders and legs. Atum also has a set of very large wings.


Atum tends to show a cold-hearted attitude towards others. He only really cares for himself, and Hamon. He also has a very malicious side, and has shown to like bloodshed and war. He has very mysterious and devious ways of doing things.


Atum was created by King Solomon, using the Rukh.



Life Creation and Control

Atum has the ability to create and control life, animals and plants.

Dungeon CapturerEdit

Atum's Dungeon Capturer is, Hamon.

Metal VesselEdit

Atum's Metal Vessel is a curved dark purple, almost black sword. 

Djinn EquipEdit

In this equip, Hamon takes on the appearance of an Egyptian Pharaoh. His hair changes color to a more wheat color, and grows down to his chest, and has some blue streaks in it.  The upper half of his body is much more exposed than before. He wears a large necklace around his neck, which is another one of his metal vessels. Around his neck and abdomen is a large, gold and blue nemes. On his sholders, he has a set of large golden spikes. He wears a long Shendyt, with golden armor and jewelry around it. His Metal Vessel in Full Body Djinn Equip is a large golden, scythe, with two black blades on the ends. In Full Body Djinn Equip, he sometimes rides on a large black Griffon, covered in gold and blue armor. Behind Hamon, is a large ominous glowing eye, named The Eye of Horus. 

Foraz Levia-Inqerad Saiqa (Cleaving Sword of Leviathan's Extinction)